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Composite Fillings in Creston, IA

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, provide good durability and resistance to fracture and with the ever advancing technology of these white fillings they can know withstand the pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either front or back teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer that their fillings look more natural. 

Composites typically can cost slightly more than amalgam fillings, but both are typically covered by most insurance companies. Although no dental fillings last forever, both composite fillings and amalgam fillings can be expected to have similar life spans while restoring function and beauty to your smile.

It generally takes longer to place a composite filling than it does for a metal filling. That’s because composite fillings require the tooth be kept clean and dry while the cavity is being filled. Tooth-colored fillings are now used more often than amalgam or gold fillings, due to cosmetics and the lack of metal in composite fillings (specifically composite does not contain mercury).

After Composite Fillings 

When an anesthetic has been used, your lips and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. Avoid any chewing and hot beverages until the numbness has completely worn off. It is very easy to bite or burn your tongue or lip while you are numb.

It is normal to experience some hot, cold & pressure sensitivity after your dental filling appointment. Injection sites may also be sore. Ibuprofen (Motrin), Tylenol or aspirin (one tablet every 3-4 hours as needed for pain) work well to alleviate the tenderness. If pressure sensitivity persists beyond a few days or if the sensitivity to hot or cold increases, contact our office at Creston Office Phone Number 641-782-4747.

You may chew with your composite fillings as soon as the anesthetic completely wears off, since they are fully set when you leave the office.

If your bite feels uneven, if you have persistent pain, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office at Creston Office Phone Number 641-782-4747.

Ultimately, the best dental filling is no dental filling. Prevention is the best medicine. You can dramatically decrease your risk of cavities and other dental diseases simply by:

  • brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • flossing daily
  • eating a balanced diet
  • visiting the dentist regularly.


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